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Hello, I'm Jovin.

I like making things.

I learned how to hammer a nail at an embarrassingly old age, but I think my frustrations with the limitations of pen, paper and digital spaces in architecture school really fast-tracked my interest in getting designs physically built and tested. Before long, I was thrust into being responsible for running a model maker's workshop, and then in 2017 I established my own studio.

I really enjoy the process of collaborating with designers and helping to breathe life into their visions. My team of talented modelmakers and I strive to produce models that convey not just the aesthetic qualities of a project, but the spirit of it too. Often the models we produce are the first opportunity our clients have to experience their designs in the physical world, to see how the light plays, the shadows dance, and the textures marry as the design materialises. There is no greater reward for us than seeing the enthusiasm of your team when we deliver your model to you.

Thank you for taking the time to read about me. I look forward to returning that kindness.

- Jovin Lim BDes, BMedia


Jovin managed the modelshop at Hartree + Associates before establishing his own workshop in 2017. His unique combination of design knowledge, complemented with technical model making skills, continue to contribute to our residential and commercial projects that have been stronger for his input. A valuable design and presentation tool, we utilise the services of Jovin Lim Modelmakers at every opportunity.

- David Hartree, Hartree + Associates Architects

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Why Choose Jovin Lim Modelmakers?

At Jovin Lim Modelmakers we value relationships. No doubt all craftspeople strive towards the perfection of their craft, but what we think separates us is that we take client service seriously. We understand the frustration that arises when working with contractors that are unresponsive, and therefore we place a high value on consistent, open and honest communication. We endeavour to respond to all inquiries regarding your model within one business day, so do not hesitate to call us anytime.

Being completely Australian owned and operated, we are one of the only modelmaking firms to be able to claim that every one of our models is completely made right here in Western Australia by our own talented team. You are welcome to visit our studio to see your model as it is built, or simply to meet us and get a feel for who we are.

We value our modelmakers and as such, we maintain a workshop schedule that allows our personnel to have a good work-life balance, allowing them to perform optimally. As our occupation has us working with potentially hazardous materials and machinery, health and safety is of the highest importance to us. Our workshop and all of its equipment is immaculately maintained to a high standard. We ensure our workers are well looked after by providing them with all of the training and equipment they need to get the job done as safely as possible. We aren't shy to invest in them either, sending them to training courses to allow them to constantly improve their craft and keep up to date with the latest modelmaking techniques. We instil in our modelmakers a pride for their work, which translates to a focus on achieving the finest quality in your model.

We aren't a big firm, but that means that you matter more to us and we will do everything to exceed your expectations.


Our Jindee Estate scale model is an integral element of our selling process and we have received many compliments on it from customers and industry colleagues. We appreciated Jovin and his teams attention to detail and collaborative approach to bringing this scale model to life. Jovin has delivered an outstanding product.

- Jindee Marketing Team