Architectural Modelmakers based in Perth, Western Australia


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Hello, I'm Jovin.

I like making things.

I learned how to hammer a nail at an embarrassingly old age but I think my frustrations with the limitations of pen and paper in architecture school really fast tracked my interest in getting designs built and tested.

Through a couple of unexpected baptisms of fire, I was thrust into being responsible for running a model maker's workshop. The greatest opportunity any young maker could hope for knocked at my door.

I decided that come what may, I needed to be tinkering 24/7, amidst the sawdust and constant hum of machinery. In 2017, I established my own studio.

I really enjoy the process of collaborating with designers and helping to breathe life into their visions. Often, in the course of a project, my work allows mistakes to be spotted, alternative arrangements explored, and ideas cultivated.

I am grateful that I am alive, healthy, and given a privileged education, while people much wiser than I are not. I do not know where we are going, but I want to give back by making sure we get there together.

Thank you for your time reading about me. I look forward to returning that kindness.

- Jovin Lim BDes, BMedia


Jovin managed the modelshop at Hartree + Associates before establishing his own workshop in 2017. His unique combination of design knowledge, complemented with technical model making skills, continue to contribute to our residential and commercial projects that have been stronger for his input. A valuable design and presentation tool, we utilise the services of Jovin Lim Modelmakers at every opportunity.

- David Hartree, Hartree + Associates Architects

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Our Team

The craft of modelmaking can be likened to assembling a jigsaw, except we have to create the pieces to be assembled as well. Every new project that comes through our doors is a puzzle and we are enthusiastic to solve it. That’s right! We really enjoy coming to work every day, and we take great pride in our profession.

Our team of modelmakers is made up of full time staff, while also drawing from a network of casual personnel from a diverse set of backgrounds and skillsets; workshop technicians, draftpersons, scenic painters etc. Their common trait being the earnest passion for their craft.

It is our greatest joy to work closely with you, to understand not just the aesthetic qualities of your project, but the spirit of it, and seek to materialise your design. Often the models we produce are the first opportunity our clients have to experience their designs in the physical world, to see how the light plays, the shadows dance, and the textures marry. There is no greater reward for us than the enthusiasm of your team when we deliver your model to you.


Our Jindee Estate scale model is an integral element of our selling process and we have received many compliments on it from customers and industry colleagues. We appreciated Jovin and his teams attention to detail and collaborative approach to bringing this scale model to life. Jovin has delivered an outstanding product.

- Jindee Marketing Team