Architectural Modelmakers based in Perth, Western Australia



It is often difficult to visualise a design when looking only at computer simulations and two dimensional plans, but a physical model tells the whole story. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a physical model is a novel; an idea that is materialised without room for misinterpretation, but with a wide breadth for exploration, and the latent capacity to dream.

Whether you are an architect securing a bid, a developer offering new land for sale, or a builder showcasing your build options, you will find that the solution to helping your clients arrive at a prompt and favourable decision regarding your design is a physical model that provides the visual that triggers an emotional response like no other.


WHat is the process for COMMISSIONING a model?

We require 2D drawings such as plans, elevations and sections and appreciate any further documents such as 3D perspective renders, specifications, or 3D models. Please let us know the purpose of the model, the location the model is to be delivered, timeline for the model to be delivered, any important elements of your design, as well as the desired scale if known, we can also provide suggestions. We strongly suggest an obligation free meeting at your office, or ours, to allow us all to be on the same page for the project. 

Following our meeting, we will then proceed to provide you with a proposal with different pricing options when applicable depending on the level of detail and finishing that is required. A signed client agreement form and a deposit will then secure a place in our workshop calendar to begin work on your model.



Should there be amendments to your design whilst the model is being built, depending on the stage of construction that we are at, we try to accommodate most change requests without additional charge. However, any variations that require additional construction time will incur an additional cost and potentially push back the timeline for delivery. Variation orders must be given through written instruction and new costs incurred approved by you before any works will be carried out.


How much will my model cost?

The price can vary widely depending on the design, the scale, the material requirements, the level of detail required and the deadline by which the model is due. When preparing quotes we aim to offer several different price proposals based on the level of detail included. For example, a fully painted model with transparent windows that requires internal details to be constructed will cost more than an unpainted white model with opaque windows that showcases the natural material.

Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your project.



No. All fees, including optional fixed fees for extras such as plinths, acrylic cases or delivery of large or long distance models, will be disclosed in our initial proposal. Costs for variations to originally agreed upon plans will range but no work for variations will be carried out without first obtaining approval from you after disclosing additional costs.


is delivery of the model included?

We include delivery to most metropolitan areas in Perth, Western Australia, for models that we can accommodate in our vehicle. In the case of larger sized models, or models that are travelling a long distance, an additional fee may apply for the hire of a delivery service. Should this apply to your model, it will be disclosed in the initial proposal.



We encourage you too =) Please schedule an appointment and you are more than welcome to visit our workshop to check on it's progress. Otherwise, we are happy to send you photographs of the model in incremental stages as it is being built.


are you able to provide display features such as plinths, acrylic covers or travel cases?

Yes, we are able to provide custom made plinths, acrylic covers and travel cases for our models. Please note that it may not be possible to construct an acrylic cover for very large models, due to the large span that the acrylic must reach unsupported not being stable. Acrylic balustrades are instead often recommended in these instances.


Where are you located? Do you only work locally?

Our studio is located in Port Kennedy in Perth, Western Australia, but we are happy to provide models for clients interstate or even internationally. Long distance clients will be kept up to date with the progress of their model via regular photo/video updates, and we are never more than a phone call away.


Do you offer model repair services?

We are equipped to service and repair all kinds of models. While we try to accommodate on site requests, this is not always possible, and we prefer if models can be transported to our workshop for repairs.


are you able to make models that are not architectural?

Most certainly. We are eager to take on new challenges and are happy to assist in the construction of museum dioramas, model railways, other miniatures, art installations, interactive exhibits, advertising displays and more. If you have a project in mind, please don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss.